New Evidence Comes Out About Roy Moore, Proving He’s A Liar

Debbie Gibson, Roy Moore’s alleged underage lover comes forward admitting Moore is in fact a liar in light of new evidence. There has been several occasions in which Gibson’s faith in Moore has been tested but the final card had been dealt while she was watching Moore’s speech last week.

“At 34 minutes and 56 seconds into the video, he says, unequivocally, I did not know any of them,” Gibson said. “In that moment, it changed my perspective. I knew he was a liar.”

During her interview with The Washington Post Gibson recounts several different experiences with Moore from a high-school scrapbook, including a date she had with him on March 4th, 1981. “Wednesday night, 3-4-81. Roy S. Moore and I went out for the first time. We went out to eat at Catfish Cabin in Albertville. I had a great time.” She had underlined “great” twice.”

Gibson also detailed that their relationship had lasted a couple months until it was time to leave for college and things ended between them. Gibson explained they still remained in touch though, for better or worse. Later when she became engaged, she told The Washington Post Moore actually reached out to her and persisted that he meet her new fiance to make sure he was “good enough for her.”

After the threats Gibson received for publishing her original story on her and Roy’s relationship she was hesitant to present the new scrapbook, however, after hearing Moore’s speech and false testimonies she decided to contact The Post. 

Bear in mind these new findings come into fruition just after President Trump gave his endorsements to Moore during a phone call on Monday. In an article written by CNN they detail the following information regarding the call. “According to a release from the Moore campaign, Trump called the Senate candidate a “fighter,” and wrapped up the call by saying, “go get ’em, Roy!”

Roy later released a statement saying “I am honored to receive the support and endorsement of President Donald Trump,” Moore said in a statement. “President Trump knows that the future of his conservative agenda in Congress hinges on this election. I look forward to fighting alongside the President to strengthen our military, secure our border, protect our gun rights, defend the sanctity of life, and confirm conservative judges to courts around this nation.”

It is obvious that both Roy and Trump support one another and that Trump fully Endorses Moore in the upcoming December election.

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